Day Two, and only one dent in the baseboard!

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I started with the Two-Handed Swings for a warm up: 25 reps with Green (12KG)

Single-Handed Swings.  For my first set I did only 8 reps/per side with 12KG.  These felt hard today, so I switched down to the yellow bell (8KG) and did 16 more reps/per side.  Then I made my left arm do a few extra reps as punishment for being weaker. 

Cleans: I did 20 reps each side with Green.

2nd set of Cleans: I added a lift to the sky:  20 reps per side with Yellow (8KG).  If you’re doing these in the basement, watch out for low ceilings. 

Figure 8’s: lost count…a Barry White song came on, so I just did these till the song was over.  Funny thing, this exercise requires you to move your hips side-to-side in somewhat of a lateral lunge.  The song was really perfect for this!  If you hold the lunge for a few seconds before moving back to the other side this will help with the coveted dimple on your side glutes. 

A good stretch to do after Figure 8’s is a Bikram Yoga position called the Toe Stand Pose.  I don’t sit as far down as Bikram does.  I only go to the point where my thigh is parallel to the floor.  Hold it as long as you can before falling over.  Some people can watch TV like this.  

Around the World: 25 reps each direction with 12KG.  This is when the bell flew into the baseboard.  (Oops, sorry honey!)

Two-Handed Release: 10 reps with Yellow, and 10 reps with Green.  This really should be done outside… if it wasn’t raining and windy I would’ve gone out in the backyard.  Low ceilings can really be a challenge here too, because you’re basically throwing the kettlebell up in the air and then catching it again. (hopefully)

Time for lunch!!  Tomato jam sandwich with arugula and goat cheese on crusty bread.  Heaven.

Tomorrow I go see my kettlebell trainer.                     


  1. Cheryl says:

    Your blog is making me laugh – only one dent in the baseboard, congratulations! Maybe you should’ve taken before/after pictures of the basement so we can see how that goes – and mind you don’t fling one on your head! It sounds like a fun but brutal workout for sure.

    As for the food comments, it’s really making me rethink my lunch! It sounds yummy – it’s been years since I had tomato jam, and with the combo of the argula and goat cheese is much better than what I had planned.

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