Good Friday… Day 3

Posted: April 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

This morning started off with a very large press pot of the Caffé D’arte.  I was feeling very sleepy and then I realized that today was Friday!!  On Friday evenings Elliot and I usually go out to my favorite steak place where they serve Mollydooker by the glass and understand what medium-rare means.  But that also means lunch has to be vegetarian, so more tomato jam!  (well, that’s my own little rule… but i like it.)   Today was pretty busy, so I had to find a time to fit the Kettlebell workout in before the sitter got here.   It’s also Spring Break, so that means trying to talk the kids out of building a giant LEGO tower at my feet.  (we’ve already seen what damage these things can do to a wall… much less my little offspring!)  However, today I had two little athletes in the basement swinging weights around with me.  I’m sure I didn’t get the best workout in, but we put a little Liquid Soul on the stereo and we were pumped up and ready to go!

The sitter’s here, so I will have to fill you in on my workout later.  

Peace, and Good Friday!


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