Day 3 workout:

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here we go:

Two-Handed Swings: 3 sets of 15 reps with Yellow (9KG)

Windmills: bumped up to Green (12KG) on the bottom and a 9 pound weight on top.  9 reps per side. 

Cleans: 20 reps per side with Yellow

Cleans with push to the sky: 10 reps per side with Yellow.  Tried to do this with more weight (Green), but only was able to do 3 reps on the right and just 1 rep on the left (my weaker side).  I can get the Green weight from the floor to my shoulder just fine, but the struggle comes when I add the press straight up from my shoulder to the sky I can’t seem to get the 26 pounds up in the air.  Very difficult for me at this point.

Pushups: very hard.

Figure 8’s: 25 reps with Green

Around the World: 15 reps each direction, Green.

Finished with Get Up’s.  There are 3 kinds of Get Up’s that I do at this point:  Stage 1 Get-Up’s just get you off the floor, but one leg is still bent.  Stage 2 Get-Up’s I add a side plank position (from yoga) where I rest the side of one foot on top of the other foot, hold this position for 5 seconds, and go back down all the way to the floor and on your back.  that is one rep.  It is very hard, but really works the outer thigh, butt and obliques.  Finally, if I have any energy left after that, Stage 3 brings you all the way up to kneeling, which is quite hard because you have to throw your leg back behind you, while keeping your arm that’s holding the Kettlebell straight up above your head.  I’ll try to add some pictures… these are very difficult. There’s no way I could do these with the Green bell (12 KG).  Hopefully they will get easier as time goes on…

  1. Cheryl says:

    Uh oh, I’m starting to get a little afraid for tomorrow. Hopefully you’ll take it easy on me, lots of butterfly this morning in the pool. I have the same rule for lunch – eat the veggies first, get them taken care of and then the rest of the day is easy … what’s up for today?

    • Cheryl!! I can’t wait for tomorrow… I hope we can find the Kettlebells at the ProClub! This will be a new adventure for me, because I have always done Kettlebells in my basement or outside… but never in… you know… “public”! perhaps I should rethink the shorty-shorts?!) 🙂
      Oh, and you know what I discovered at the gym cafe? (cause it’s all about the food, right?) Well, they make this chocolate protien shake… but they doctor it up and and add a big scoop of peanut butter, 2 shots of espresso and a handfull of chocolate covered espresso beans, blend it all up in the blender and YUM!! They call it a J-LO.
      See you tomorrow!

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