Dr. Dan Nelson: Kettlebell Trainer Extraordinaire

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

By the way, I met with my Kettlebell trainer yesterday and asked him if I could use his name in my blog.  (not that I’m expecting floods of readers, or his phone to ring off the hook… but I thought it best to ask!)  He said of course… so Dr. Dan Nelson’s name will most like appear in my posts every so often, as he is the one cracking the whip!  I took a few pictures of his Kettlebell rack.  (see below) I think we’re pretty close to adding the big red one (16KG).  It’s the one used in the official women’s competitions.  I believe the Kettlebell society (or some official Kettlebell organization) is working to get Kettlebells into the Olympic Games.  They should, the sport has been around since the 1700’s.  Would you call it a “sport” or an “exercise”?  Anyway, more on that later… but I wouldn’t be here blogging about Kettlebells today if it weren’t for the solid advice of Dr. Nelson, his passion for Kettlebells and our shared views on life and exercise.



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