Day 9: I’m still awake at 1:00am!!

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

I took on the challenge with Greenie today!  Yesterday I did most of my sets with the smaller yellow kettlebell (8KG).  Today I was feeling good, so I did all the sets with Green (12KG).  Get-ups are still hard with the green bell, and so are presses after the cleans.  But for the most part, I pushed myself to work with the green kettlebell for every exercise.  (actually, my mother-in-law wants to borrow my yellow kettlebell (!!!) so I’m trying to weed it out of my regimen.)  Anyway, I didn’t do as many reps, but still got a great workout in. 

One thing I’ve noticed with the Single Handed Swings, especially with the increased weight, is that I am tempted to place my resting hand on my thigh to help push-off.  I’ve been told this would count as an immediate disqualification from any sort of Kettlebell competition.  In fact, if your “resting” hand or arm contacts your body in any way during the swings, you are disqualified.  Not that I’m gearing up for this sort of thing… but it’s good to know just the same to get your form down.  For me, at this point, with the increased weight, this is totally difficult!  Your hand wants to push off your thigh!  It’s something I’m working on…

Tomorrow I am off to the beach at Vashon Island.  There are over 90 steps down to the house/waterfront.  I suppose that will be my exercise… carrying Kettlebells and Mazzocco down to the house tomorrow! 🙂

Have a great spring weekend everyone, thanks for reading!


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