Breaking out of the dreaded plateau

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

At 2 weeks into my four-week challenge, I was worried that I was headed for the dreaded plateau.  Yesterday was my day to ensure that I don’t go down that road.  Yes, I worked out four times yesterday.  I know that sounds a bit excessive… maybe a bit obsessive too… but there’s always a point when we know we’re going to hit a plateau in our workouts.  We know it when we stop seeing results.   When this happens, I’ve heard the way out is to drastically switch up your routine and eat a whole lot!  (sounds counter-intuitive, but it works!)  

Actually, it’s a lot like the Damn Boat.  (that’s really it’s name… boat owners will understand why.) But when the battery is dead, you’ve got to jump it, and there are usually three setting on the little machine they bring over to the dock… (yes, I’m all too familiar with this process…) but there’s the low setting (a little bit of juice) a medium setting (more juice) and a super-charged setting.  For some reason the boys at the dock don’t like to use the super-charged setting, but the Damn Boat won’t start unless you turn the amps way up.  This is the only thing that gets it going again.  For us, in our workouts… it’s the same.  We can keep puttering along doing the same thing, but not getting the results we want, and then sometimes we quit.  We’ve got to take it up a notch… or several.    After yesterday’s eating frenzy and workout madness, I thought I’d be struggling today.  But… case in point… after the initial shock of getting out of bed and feeling EVERY single muscle in my whole body… I actually got moving pretty quickly and accomplished more things by 9:30 in the morning than I do most days by then end of the afternoon!  The whole day has been a buzz… I’m knocking stuff off my to-do list like a crazy woman, and I’m still going!  I have to believe it’s from my little jump-start yesterday. 

More later… I had an hour this morning with my Kettlebell trainer, Dr. Dan Nelson… and we stepped up the routine quite a bit.  Dan also tweaked a few things I was doing incorrectly… so it’s definitely worth checking in with the experts before poor form becomes habit.


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