Something you wouldn’t expect on a Kettlebell blog…

Posted: April 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Cars and Trucks!  Last night I was relegated to the playroom to do 40 sets of High Pulls.  If I could do this, I would burn over 400 calories in only 20 minutes.  But I knew I would lose track after the first few sets, so I needed someone to keep score.  I got help!  (since this was much more fun than getting jammies on and going to sleep, it was an easy sell!)  For every time I completed a set (right and left arm) Claire and Marcus would add a car (or a truck or tractor) and this is how I was able to keep track of how many sets I completed.  With only a 15-second rest between sets, it was just long enough to pick out the perfect vehicle from the pile to throw into the count.  So here it is… the 20-car pileup!

And here’s a picture of one of my helpers.  Let it be said that when Claire walked into the room, she quickly assessed the situation and said: “Why don’t you just use a piece of paper to keep count?”  Smart girl.  But that wouldn’t have been nearly as fun…


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