Bread Pudding and the New Routine

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

On Thursday I spent an  hour with my Kettlebell trainer and he stepped up my routine quite a bit.  Just when I thought I was ready to move up to the big red Kettlebell… wrong!  I’ll have to wait a bit longer to train with the competitive weight, because this new routine with my existing weights (9lb, 18lbs, 27lbs) is super challenging!

Here’s what we added:

DARC Swings (green)
High Pulls (yellow)
Sots Press (yellow… if I’m lucky!) This is named after the well-known Russian weightlifter, Viktor Sots.  And as you would expect, it’s quite difficult.  Here are the steps:
1. clean the kettlebell
2. squat down (as deep as possible)
3. press the bell (still squatting)
4. stand up and return to the clean position.
5. repeat, 10 reps per side.

Also added:
Dive Bomber Push-ups
Figure-8 to Hold

Additionally, this is what we tweaked a bit:

Just when I was breezing through the Around the Worlds, they got harder.  First, Dan suggested putting my feet together.  This made a surprising difference in my balance.  Once I master that, he suggested standing on one foot.  I’ve tried this with both the yellow and the green kettlebells, and the heavier weight actually feels a bit easier to balance.  My goal, at this point, is to last more than 10 seconds on one foot without falling over.

We also tweaked the lunge a bit to make it harder.   More on that later…

But now it’s time to indulge in a heavenly treat… homemade rhubarb bread pudding with a warm cognac caramel sauce.  (I know, I know… but I ran hills today plus did my new kettlebell routine, so it is a well-earned indulgence!)  And can I just say that the best part of belonging to a CSA is not only that a big box of fruits and veggies arrive on your doorstep, almost magically, between midnight and 6am, but they give you things like rhubarb that you normally wouldn’t buy in the store… so you are forced to be creative.  So in honor of my dad, I combined 3 of his favorite things… rhubarb, bread pudding, and cognac. 




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