The Swinging Kettlebell Squat Lunge

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

I want to re-post this link from Fit Sugar:

I described this exercise to Dan and showed him how I was doing it based on the description in the article.  Dan didn’t like it.  So he tweaked it a bit.  He suggested swinging the bell up over your head first, then stepping back into a low lunge. (two movements, one rep)  I was swinging up and stepping back as a single movement.  But Dan explained that I was using the momentum of stepping back to help me swing the kettlebell up.  (It’s almost cheating, I suppose). 

The revised exercise looks like this:
1. Double handed swing to overhead position
2. Step back into a lunge
3. Hold the pose, tighten glutes
4. Step up
5. Bring kettlebell down

That counts as 1 rep.  The flow is lost… but it is harder, and possibly safer.  I agree with the comment about the shoes.  I do think the model in this article should be barefoot, or at least not wearing such cushiony shoes.   You are more grounded and have better stability barefoot.   

This is still a great exercise… a perfect trifecta in my mind: Quads, Glutes and Delts!

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