workout overload…

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I tried out Pilates.  Six hours later my obliques were talking to me!  Today I am going back again for that Pilates GTS/Gravity System workout that I did last week, because we can never get enough ab work, right?  But this brings to mind a good point of debate:  Should you strength train every day?  Should you do abs everyday?  I’m 3 weeks into my 4-week challenge of doing Kettlebells everyday, and I have not given my muscles a chance to rebuild after tearing them down, yet I am still seeing great results.  There is so much research out there… both for and against daily training.  But let me say that I strongly believe that muscles will develop in response to an overload above normal.  Do you need a day of rest?  Probably.  The research seems to fall more on the side of strength training every other day… or if you do train every day, mix it up, alternate muscle groups, etc.

I also believe that everyone responds differently based on their level of experience, how many years they’ve been training and what their own threshold of overload is.

Have I hit overload?  It’s hard to say… so far it’s nothing a little Tylenol and espresso won’t take care of!

Last night, because my obliques were shouting at me, I did more obliques! 

The Kettlebell Windmills. 

I am really enjoying this exercise, because with three different kettlebells, you can really mix it up as to which side gets the heavier weight (I’m still punishing my left arm for being weaker), and also if you want heavier weight up above, or down below.  Last night i switched it around, and put the heavier weight on top, and lighter pounds on the bottom.  I have, in the past, never been able to do many this way, but last night I was able to knock out a whole bunch of sets… so that is encouraging.  Possible overtraining doesn’t seem to be affecting whether or not I can increase weight and reps with my kettlebell workouts.

Post-workout snack… a huge salad with grilled asparagus, grilled artichokes, kalamata olives, chevre and sea salt. 

Oh yes… and MUSIC!  In honor of what would have been Luther Vandross’ 59th birthday yesterday, I did my whole workout last night to his sweet voice!  Nice!  Rest in peace, Luther, I miss ya!!



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