Posted: April 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I set aside an hour to do Kettlebells today… and found myself procrastinating.  One of the ways I do this really well is by browsing my music collection for the perfect mood for my workout…

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes on the GTS (Gravity Training System) with my buds Curtis and Sarah.  We worked with Super-Svelte Trainer Dana.  He’s definitely one of the most in-shape people I know.  True!  Check him out.  Go to: and click on “Pilates” and scroll down to the last picture… yep, svelte! 

Anyway, I woke up today feeling every last abdominal muscle in my body.  (Did you know they go all the way up to your sternum?!) and my obliques were shouting again (do I not use these things, or what??)  We did pull-ups, squats, dips and a multitude of other things using our body’s own weight as resistance.  Normally when I do dips or pull-ups at the gym I off-set about 1/2 my weight on the Gravitron machine, and that’s still pretty hard.  I’m not sure what the GTS was set at, but I’m definitely feeling it much more.

Mid-way through my 30-day Kettlebell challenge may not have been the ideal time to begin a whole new exercise regimen, but the thing about exercising everyday  is that it gives you this invincible feeling.  Some call it a “high”… but you know what I’m talking about.  There’s nothing you can’t do!  And I think the GTS is a very good compliment to Kettlebells.   However, after my 30-day stint is over, I will definitely do the GTS on the days I’m not doing Kettlebells.  To this point, however, I think i will continue to do yoga and kettlebells on the same day.  It’s a perfect combination of strength and flexibility… and when the day’s over you feel good all over!

My success story today?  I rocked the Around the World’s standing on one leg!  (again, i think the trick to stability could be locking your knee and pulling up on your quad muscle.)

Oh yeah… and my music?  Procrastinating paid off!  I selected Fat Boy Slim, You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby… Right Here, Right Now… it was perfect!

Thanks for reading!


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