Lifting the Quad

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

One more tweak on the single and two-handed swings.  This is a core Kettlebell exercise, and if technique is perfect, it does just about everything you would want to strengthen your body for everyday life.  (lifting groceries and screaming 3-year olds, working in the yard, moving a couch, hauling dirt in a wheelbarrow…)  All these movements we do everyday and yet most of us don’t think about how we might better train in the gym to do them without killing our backs.  Anyway, swings are core, but here’s the tweak:

Make sure when you snap up to standing that  you lock knees and pull up on your quads and keep your heels flat on the ground.  You have to really think about lifting the quad muscle, and the exercise will be much more effective. 

Happy swinging… more later!


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