My final workout: Day 30!

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Snatch:

I finished off my 30-day Challenge with a visit to Dr. Dan, Kettlebell Trainer Extraordinaire!  After a brief chiropractic adjustment which felt wonderful, we moved on to Kettlebells.  Primarily, we worked on the Snatch, which is a very difficult movement to perfect.  When you do this exercise correctly, the Kettlebell should “glide” around your hand and land softly on your wrist when you “punch” your arm up to the sky.  Unfortunately, when I do them, the entire weight of the Kettlebell slams into my wrist.  After enough reps, my hand, wrist and forearm all begin to go numb.  I am sure this sort of suffering is not endured by the Kettlebell champs and they have figured out a way to  make it glide.  At this point, however, after attempting 40 reps, my technique is still no good. 

 I would be tempted to drop this exercise from my routine entirely if it weren’t such a core Kettlebell movement.  There are plenty of others I enjoy and do well.  In fact, I think the high pulls are a very good substitute.  However, I have been told that “the Snatch is a key movement” and that it “should be practiced by any serious Kettlebell lifter.”   Humph.  I guess I’ll keep working on it.

I did have a few small breakthroughs though.  One of the things that helped my technique the most was standing facing a wall less than an arms length away.  If you care about your wall, this prevents you from swinging the bell too far out in front of you.  This made a surprising difference for me.  Next, if possible, think about lifting your elbow towards the sky and punching the Kettlebell straight up over your head. Also, focus on locking your elbow and gently “gliding” the bell around your wrist. 

This is one of those movements that definitely requires lots of repetition to get it right.  My brain just needs my body to do this particular exercise over and over again to imprint a muscle memory. 

Well… enough about the Snatch.  Once I had hit the wall (almost literally) Dan and I decided to move on and focus on my final workout of my 30-day Challenge! 

My Final Workout:

Dan asked me if I wanted to take it easy or push it hard.  Yep… I had to push it hard!  After all, I was going to spend the next 6 days away on vacation, thousands of miles away from my Kettlebells… (is there such a thing as “Kettlebell Withdrawl”?)… so I figured I really had to blow it out!!

Music selection was key.  I chose Melissa Etheridge, because I love the bass lines in her music and I knew I would need somebody yelling at me in order to get through my last workout.  Here’s what Dan “custom designed” for my grand finale:

35  Two-Handed Swings: Green
25  Hand-to-Hand Swings: Green
20  Clean and Press: Yellow
15   High Pulls: Yellow
10  Snatches: Yellow
5     Jumping Push-ups

**Repeat the above 4X/No Breaks!!

It looked pretty hard on paper as I was standing there in his office, and not surprisingly it was even harder to perform later that evening.  By the third set I was so tired it almost felt easy… do you know that feeling?  But by the last set I was completely drenched in sweat (you really wanted to know that, right?!) and I was really struggling.  I had to take a few breaks. (short ones, Dan, I promise!) I wasn’t able to keep the reps up in the end either.  At this point, I did each exercise to all-out muscle fatigue. 

In the end, though… it felt great to power through!  I know I’ll be back for more!!  How about you?  🙂

I’ll be back after vacation!

Peace Out,

  1. Michael says:

    Dr. Dan is one of the best kettlebell trainers I have known. He is very knowledgable and attentive to what works for the body and what may cause injury to our bodies. rock on Dr. Dan!!!

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