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Trump has a book titled “Think Big and Kick Ass”.  I admit I bought this book because I liked the title.  (I also have acquired an odd compulsion over the last 20 years or so to buy a new business book every time I’m in a bookstore.  I just can’t help myself, I am a non-fiction junkie!)  But anyhow, with a title like Think Big, Kick Ass, I figured Trump’s advice could be applied to all aspects of one’s life:  personal, social, fitness, etc…  not just business.    

Chapter 7 is titled BIG MO!  It’s a quick 20 pages about the power of Momentum.  Aside from the fact that swinging a Kettlebell up over your head takes a lot of momentum, it’s also an important element in a good training program. 

My 30-day Kettlebell challenge was such a great experience not only because of the results it brought, but also because it created a level of momentum in my training that I hadn’t experienced in a long time.   Mid-way through my challenge — about 14 days in when it truly became a habit — (ref. Steven Covey) my momentum really took off!   There were days when I really had to find my strength to get through a workout, but because of the momentum I had created I was able to get through some of my tougher workouts.  The days when I might have been tempted to skip a workout, it was nearly impossible to quit.  I had the momentum rolling, and couldn’t stop.  This is true for business too… read Trump!

But here are two great things I took from Trump’s chapter “Big Mo”:

1.  To get momentum, focus on a specific goal with passion and intensity. 

2.  To keep momentum, keep challenging yourself. 

I’m working on the latter one now, because I’ve finished my 30-day challenge, I’ve experience a level of success (ALL my summer clothes fit!!), and now I’m tempted to rest.  I’m tempted to hang out, if you will, on that plateau.  But as we know, inertia is not a good thing.  Especially when we’re talking about fitness.  Change is constant and I’ve got to keep challenging myself to keep my momentum up. 

I’ve got my second trail run of the season coming up this weekend in the northern Cascades.  It’s a 10K, single-track with elevation gain and it could be hot… all these things create a good challenge.  Must be time to swing some kettlebells… !

’till next time,


  1. Cheryl Salazar says:

    I’m looking forward to that trail run, should be a lot of fun. Think we could do it twice in one weekend?

  2. Kate, I don’t suppose I could interest you in a cookie? 🙂

  3. Cheryl, I’d be up for doing it twice as long as it doesn’t snow! Seems there was a slight change of forecast!

    And about the cookie… you’d be surprised!! Just the other day I happened to be walking by the Dahlia Bakery… (OK, well, not really… I drove there specially!) and they have the best peanut butter cookies you have ever tasted in the whole world!! It’s a sandwich, really… two peanut butter cookies with a big shmear of peanut butter in the middle. Pour a glass of cold milk… they are just heavenly…(along with their Pecan Flax bread, which is why I tell myself I’m going to the Dahlia Bakery, but now you know the real reason!) So, YES… i could go for a cookie! 🙂

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