Are you a Vegan in Seattle? Eat Shiitake Mushrooms!

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had a nice pre-workout snack this evening that I thought I should tell you about, because you know I love food almost as much as kettlebells!

Sautéed Leeks with Wilted Spinach and Shiitakes!

I created this recipe out of a need to use my new fab pan I got for Mother’s Day, the Le Creuset Faitout Campagnard (shallow casserole with lid).  It’s a beautiful piece, and I had to use it tonight… so I started with a little olive oil and sea salt on medium heat, added a few onions and let it sit for awhile.  (By the way, this is a great time to invite a few friends over, because they always walk in and think you’re cooking something amazing.  Surprise, it’s just onions!  But it does make the whole house smell good.)  Anyway, then I added a few thinly sliced leeks and stirred those around for a bit.  Sliced a few shiitakes and washed several handfulls of baby spinach… then turned the heat way down to low, threw in the mushys and spinach, made a few rounds with the pepper mill, then put the lid on so the whole thing would steam a bit… and about 1 minute later it was done.  Voila… fastest dish on earth!  Plated it, added a little freshly ground nutmeg (because you know you can add nutmeg to everything) and more ground pepper… pair it with a nice cold Viogner and you are all set!

Now, the deal about Shiitakes is that they contain a lot of natural vitamin D.  (sometimes as much as 4 times the USDA recommended amount)  This is important to vegans because mushrooms are the only vegan source of vitamin D.  And here in Seattle that’s a good thing.  In fact, with the rising use of sunscreen, everyone needs more vitamin D!!   So sauté up some shiitakes… and enjoy the sun in the backyard!

Time for some kettlebells:

Tonight I’ll do several rounds of Get-Ups:
1. Get Ups to side plank
2. Get Ups to kneeling
3. Get Ups to standing

CD selection?  This might just be a Victor Wooten night… A Show of Hands.

Peace, and good eatin’



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