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The TASK ahead of you…

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

… is never as great as the POWER within you!

Today marks the start of a new challenge, and thus a new excuse to do kettlebells EVERYDAY!

In a little less than 3 weeks I will be joining the team “Kettlebell Climbers” to do the firefighters stair climb in downtown Seattle.  The climb takes place in the tallest building downtown, the beautiful Columbia Tower which dominates the skyline.  It is 69 flights of stairs with 1311 steps.  Unlike the firefighters, I won’t be wearing an additional 60 pounds of gear (i think it’s 60 pounds… crazy) but I have signed up to “run” the stairs (with the “civilians”, as the firefighters like to say) and the RUN explicitly says “NO WALKING!”  Yikes. 

My husband has agreed to support me in this climb.  He’s joined the team too!  (Elliot, I love ya Baby!)  He has, however, already proven to be a better fundraiser than me (this climb benefits the Leukemia Society) and  he’s raised over $700.  I’ve raised $50.  (and that was from a dear friend and fellow climber).   

In any case,  I thought this was a perfect time to start-up the Kettlebell blog again, and track the next 3 weeks of training.  I’m going to incorporate kettlebells into my workouts on a daily basis, which should significantly increase my speed and endurance during the climb.  I got motivated to do this yesterday after finding out that the University of Washington Mens Varsity Crew Team was climbing in the time slot directly in front of us.  I suppose this is better than them charging up right behind us… but it does provide an *excellent* goal of trying to pass one or two of these guys on the way up… haha!! 

Today I set a baseline in the gym on the Stair Climber machine.  I climbed for 20 minutes without stopping and was able to do 102 flights of stairs in that time.  I set the pace to vary anywhere between level 6 and 9, which means somewhere in the neighborhood of 79 to 89 stairs per minute.  I’m not positive how this machine is calibrated, but i think that means I did around 1300 steps in 20 minutes.  The race is 1311 steps, and it’s still 3 weeks away… so the way I see it is, I’ve got 3 weeks to speed up my pace to 99 steps per minute… which would put my time around 13 minutes.  Is this outrageous?? 

I looked at the results from last year, and in my age group, the fastest time was 10:43.   Today, I ran a short stint on the Stair Climber at 99 steps per minute, however I wasn’t able to  hold that too long.  But with kettlebell training everyday, mixed in with stair climbing (both at the gym and outside with my buddies) I am interested to see how I can supercharge my training to hold this speed for the entire climb by race day. 

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating… I strongly believe that muscles will develop in response to an overload above normal.  The next 3 weeks will be above normal, and we’ll track the results!

All for now… thanks for reading!