Figure 8’s

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are several ways to effectively do a Figure Eight, and there’s also a version called “Figure Eight to a Hold”, which is good… but for today’s purposes, I’d like to talk about the basic figure 8 which is shown in this short video.  The kettlebell is passed from hand to hand as you form a figure 8 through your legs.  After knocking out 20 or so, switch directions. 

Be sure to keep your body low to the ground in a good wide squat.  I also have a few other modifications of my own borrowed from my yoga practice:

1.  Make sure your knee is tracking over your second toe.  (very important to avoid tweaking your knee)

2. As you pass under your right knee, bend your right leg into side-lunge (knee tracking over 2nd toe).  Then straighten as you move over to the left side, and create a side-lunge on the left.

3. My yoga instructor always reminds us to “suck navel into spine”.  Basically, pulling in abs.  I am always appreciative of this reminder, because it really helps me get my abdominals into the game by visualizing “front body” suctioning into “back body”, so to speak.  Visualization is so important during exercise, I’ve talked about this before, but it allows us to reach greater levels of fitness.  So, when doing the figure 8’s, “suck navel to spine!”

Put on a good CD and power through several songs with at least 12 KG and I guarantee you’ll get an amazing abdominal workout!

Peace Out,


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