Tear it up!

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I tore it up on the dance floor Saturday night with the “twenty-somethings” at Havana in Capitol Hill, and that took the place of my workout on Sunday.  What?  You think that’s cheating??  Hey, I was wearing platform heels and my legs are still talking to me!   

But tonight it’s big salad night and a 10pm kettlebell workout…

I’m planning to tear it up with two of my favorites: 15 minutes of lunges and then 25 reps per side of get-ups to side plank.  A good primer for my stair run in the morning.

Music: Liquid Soul

Salad: lot’s of raw stuff… including sesame and pumpkin seeds from GoRaw… my new favorite addiction.  

Do it with me!



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