Training: the week before the CLIMB!

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is much debate about how much you should train the week before a race.  Everyone has a different opinion, but let me just say that I’m not in the camp of those who recommend rest.  I do think it’s wise to ramp your training down a bit, but I think one day of rest is just fine.  My preference is for a single day of rest two days before race day.  The day before the race I like to do a very low-key run, just to warm up the muscles and keep everything loose.  I also like to do a lot of stretching the day before (try five or six 10-minute “stretch-breaks”). 

One word of caution: just don’t do anything wacky during the last week that may cause injury.  Don’t try any new classes or run new routes or hazardous terrain.  For example, avoid trail runs if you’re doing a road race.  Stumps and roots could trip you up if you’re not used to training on them.  The very last thing you want to do is squander months of training in the last few days.  

Let me try to summarize how I “ramped down” my training the week before the BIG CLIMB!

Monday:  Intense core yoga that kicked my butt and a bunch of kettlebells. (hey, the race is still 6 days away!)

Tuesday:  Farida and I did light stair training… 5 or 6 sets of 300 stairs.  (Farida joined Kettlebell Climbers and we’ve been training together for about 5 weeks now) Afterward we got some coffee at our favorite little joint (Joe Bar on Roy)… we did a few other things while I waited for the espresso shots to kick in, then I went back to the stairs to knock out a few fast sets.  I timed myself.  The first one was a warm up, then second one I did in 2 minutes and 20 seconds.  The third set I did in 2 minutes and 15 seconds.  It felt amazing!   I figured this wouldn’t translate to 1300 stairs, but I have to admit that I did think about the math:  2:15 for 300 equals 9 minutes for 1200… add a few more to get to 1311… that’s still less than 10 minutes… hmm…  Exciting!!!

Wednesday: Light kettlebells, no running.

Thursday: Light stair work again with Miss Farida.  I think we did 5 sets.  then more coffee…

Friday: Day of rest

Saturday: Light run, 3 miles through the Ravenna trail system.  (it was technical, but probably not wise before a stair climb as I mentioned above.) 

RACE DAY!!!  see my next entry for all the amazing details!!!


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