Vegas Baby Kettlebell Workout

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Burpees, exercise, Kettlebell, kettlebellhell
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Seven deuce suited playing cards

Image by Jim B L via Flickr

It’s a three-day weekend!!  Grab a pack of cards and your kettlebells… get yourself set up with some great music… and check out my new workout!

Here’s how to do the “Vegas Baby Workout” with Kettlebells:

The number on each card is the number of reps you need to do.  (Ace counts as 1 (you’ll thank me later) and Jack, Queen, King is 11, 12, 13, respectively.)

The suit is the exercise you do:  Write this down and put it with the pack of cards: 

Clubs: Pop-Up Push Ups (Burpees) check out the video if you haven’t done these yet: 

Spades: Double-Handed Clean and Press

Hearts: Two-Handed Swings

Diamonds: Hand-to-Hand Swings

Jokers: Wild Card… do 50 Get-Ups, 25 each side.

Your challenge is to see how far you can get into the deck of cards!   (You’re going to wish you’d taken the face cards out… and the jokers, too).  The first time I tried this workout I got 5 clubs in a row and wish I had shuffled the deck better.

(By the way, my kids are taking Karate class, and this is where I got my inspiration!  They tell me that when the black belts do the Vegas Workout, they have to get through the whole deck of cards.  Good Luck!)

So shuffle and stack the deck, turn over the first card, and let me know how far you got, ay?  

Happy Memorial Day!



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