Daily drills while on vacation: Working out with a rock

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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While I look forward to relaxing into a slower pace of life on vacation, I also don’t want to compromise my training while I’m gone.  The night before I leave, you can usually find me standing over my suitcase pondering how I can fit at least one kettlebell into my luggage.  But with all the airline baggage restrictions these days, and a 50-pound limit per bag, I usually come to my senses and leave all my kettlebells at home.

my wacky solution on this vacation was to find a large rock:

I went to my favorite beaches (Coast Guard, Nauset Light and Marconi… all part of the fabulous Cape Cod National Seashore) and found a rock about the size of a kettlebell.  It probably weighs around 6 pounds or so (slightly more than a bag of sugar which can also be a good alternative, but unfortunately less than my yellow 8KG kettlebell) but it worked well for a few quick exercises each morning.

I took about 15 minutes at the start of everyday to do some stretching and knock out a few of these “rock exercises”:

1.  Sit ups with the rock instead of a kettlebell

2.  Plank hold into a set of push ups

3.  Seated oblique twists with the rock

4.  Burpees or one-legged push ups to a pop-up

5.  Wide and low squats with an upward rock swing

6.  Dancer pose into rock presses.  (because the rock is light, try to balance on one leg and “press with rock” at least 20 times on each side)

7.  Finally, once warmed up, finish with a shoulder stand into plow position to seal those abs.

Basically you’re holding the rock in place of kettlebell.  Because there’s no handle, you just grip it and lift through the various movements.

I just returned from my two-week vacation, and this was a great addition to a few runs around the Cape and some beautiful pond swims.  (Hey, I have to earn my S’mores over the bonfire, right!?)

Peace, and happy trails!


  1. I can picture you pondering how to get your kettlebells into your luggage without the airlines penalizing you. Too bad there’s no Kettlebell gate-check.

    I’m looking into taking some classes this fall so I truly can be a “Kettlebell Climber.”

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