Running on the Sand…

Posted: August 11, 2011 in exercise

Since I was just at the beach, I thought I’d bring up an old debate about running in the sand.  The question is, should you should run closer to the water where the sand is harder, or further away where the sand is soft and sometimes deeper?

Here’s my answer: I’m a big advocate for changing things up when you can.  The body gets used to the “same old, same old”.  The flat, hard sand is fine but as long as you’re looking for a different sort of run (not the same old trails and bike paths back home) then go run in the deep soft sand!  Shoes or barefoot, either way is fine, but I prefer barefoot.  (I suppose that’s another debate, but some experts say that soft-sand running barefoot will strengthen your arches and will help prevent plantar fasciitis… so there you go!)

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You’ll need to shift your body forward, get up on the balls of your feet and dig in with your toes.  You’ll find you need to pick up your knees in the soft sand and you’re going to engage your calves more, and that’s awesome!  You’ll work on your balance, engage your core, your pace will need to be slower, but you’ll find that you’re using muscles you don’t normally use on a regular run.  It’s a nice change of pace.  A day or two later you’ll wake up and feel those different muscles talking to you, and you’ll know it was good decision to change it up a bit!

Have fun!



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