Changing Seasons and Twists

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Fall has arrived in Seattle.  (I think we had about 4 weeks of summer this year?!)  But as the seasons change, the time has come to do twists.  My yoga instructor reminded us of this on Monday:  Twists detoxify the body and relieve tension in the head, neck, and back… and they help us transition from one season to the next.

In yoga on Monday we did all the basic twists… but today I’m seeking out a few lesser-known alternatives with a kettlebell.  How about various versions of the Russian Twist with a Kettlebell?

Sit on the floor, legs bent and lifted.  Keep your upper body lifted as well. (basically, you’re aiming for a shape of a V… except your legs are bent at the knees… I’m not sure my hamstrings would ever let me get into a perfect straight-leg V.)  Anyway, then twist from side to side holding a kettlebell.  The further you hold the kettlebell away from your body, the harder the exercise is.

How about a downward dog where you bring one hand to the opposite foot.  That’s a twist!  How can I bring in a kettlebell here?  I know there’s a way… I’m still working on it…

I’m thinking up a few more, stay tuned!  … and tell me what your favorite kettlebell twist is!




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