Low Squat Shot-Put throws

Posted: September 17, 2011 in exercise, Kettlebell, kettlebell squat, kettlebellhell, shot put kettlebell, strength

Friday evening I met my kettlebell trainer, Dr. Dan, at the park and he showed me a few new exercises and we did a few new drills.   My favorite drill from yesterday was the “Low-Squat, Shot-Put Throw”.

Here’s how it went:

Start at one end of a football field or a long stretch of grass.

1st: Hold the kettlebell like this:

Then, squat down really low, hugging the kettlebell into your shoulder like you would in a clean.

Next, in one single dynamic movement, stand up and throw the kettlebell as far out in front of you as possible.  You’ll be throwing the kettlebell up and out.

Then run as quickly as you can and pick up the kettlebell and squat down low again, starting the rep all over again.

Dan and I did a few races, because we’re competitive like that… and yes, the old man beat me every time!  (But I’ll be practicing… and just you wait!)

Try this out… 200 yards of “Low-Squat Shot-Put Throws” without stopping and alternating hands.  (It might put a few divots in the football field, but let me know how you feel at the 50-yard line.  Then let me know if you make it the rest of way to the end zone and back again.)


Peace Out,

p.s. You know how you usually feel a workout the next day?  I felt this one within the hour.  Literally, I got home and took my shoes off and felt it.  I’m sure it was a combination of all the new exercises we did, but I put the blame largely on this one.

  1. chuck says:

    i really am surprised i haven’t seen the kb used in this way more often. i messed around with my 30lb. kb doing this yesterday. decided to do a search on it and could barely find anything. definitely a fun way to use a kb.

    • Thanks Chuck… this is truly a great strength and cardiovascular workout all in one! By the way, I have found that when I do this exercise with others (as a race) it’s a better workout! Trying to get to the “finish line” first will push your limits more… Have fun!

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