Week 2…

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized
Flip Flop Pattern

Image by lincolnblues via Flickr

My days wearing flip-flops may be limited… I looked out my window yesterday and saw fresh snow on the Cascades, which means it’s going to get chilly down here at sea level before too long.   Cold weather means I’ve got to do a whole lot more stretching to warm up my muscles.  I am feeling it today, and I’m only one week into the 30-day challenge!

Here’s today’s routine, I’m taking it a bit easy:

I start with a few yoga inversions to get the blood into my 7th chakra… (specifically, two 30-second head stands.)

Next, I do a quick kettlebell stretch.  Basically, I stand feet together, with a kettlebell positioned about a foot in front of my feet.   Then I do a deep forward bend, holding the kettlebell while standing on tip toes.  Hang out there for a bit, and you should feel it in all of those back-body muscles that we don’t use as much.  After a few of those, try a wide-leg stance and do it again.  I usually do this between every few exercises.

Anyway, here’s tonight’s kettlebell routine, short and simple:

Start with the basic “100 Swings”:

Two sets of 25 double-handed swings
Two sets of 25 hand-to-hand swings (I count 1 each time I switch hands)
25 single-handed swings, right and left side.

Next, I move on to “Figure 8 to a Hold”.  (Can you guess this is my favorite exercise?  I do this one every day!  It works your bum, your abs and your arms… well, it works just about everything… but what could be better than hitting those three areas in a single exercise??)  Let’s do 2 sets of 25… count 1 each time you complete right and left sides coming up to a hold.

The new thing tonight: I’m mixing in a shoulder exercise that I got pinged on, I tried it out, and I like it.  it’s called The See-Saw Shoulder Press.  check it out: http://shoulderworkoutroutine.org/best-shoulder-workout-routine-the-kettlebell-see-saw-press

Music tonight — a little Marcus Miller, Silver Rain album… the second track, Bruce Lee, will get you going!



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