Warming up for kettlebells (and a new workout to try)

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Last week I went to Power Vinyasa Yoga for the first time, and it was good!  The temperature was set at 90 degrees, rather than the Bikram 105, and I found it much more tolerable.  It was level 2, and the yoga instructor had us put our foot behind our head.  Wow, I had no idea I could even do that!  Talk about limbering up before kettlebells!  So I’m off this morning for another challenge… same class, same instructor… let’s see what we do today:

Update from Friday: We all did a headstand in the middle of the room!  No walls!  The trick, evidently, is all in your abs.  Funny, I thought, that is the trick for so many things, even kettlebells!  Every time I think to bring navel to spine in my kettlebell workout, I get a much bigger bang for my buck!

Here’s my workout from yesterday:

1. I started with one arm swings

2. Then I moved to the swinging kettlebell squat lunge:  https://kettlebellhell.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/the-swinging-kettlebell-squat-lunge/ Ouch… watch out for your inner knees on this, I just banged the inside of my right knee real good because my feet weren’t far enough apart. (Arnica massage oil to the rescue for that welt.)  But here’s the deal, when you step back into the lunge, your feet come closer together, so when you step forward into the squat make sure you widen your stance.  This morning I’ve got a huge goose egg on my knee.

3.  Next, double-handed Clean and Presses

3.  Add in a few snatches… do as many as you can without compromising form and banging your wrist.

4.  Now try a new one:  the “Bottom Up Clean”.  check out Mike Mahler for this one: http://www.mikemahler.com/kettlebell_exercises.html
And by the way… this shouldn’t be easy!  If it is, bump up to a heavier weight.  You really work your hand strength here and this is where you’ll see a discrepancy between how strong you are, right arm vs. left arm.  (Whichever side is weaker, add 10 reps)

5.  Don’t forget sit ups and oblique twists with the kettlebell.  This is a great way to finish your workout.

Music was Kanye West, “Stronger”.  This is the BEST song to get motivated…try it!  The rest of the Graduation album is good, but I find myself always going back to harder, better, faster, stronger…

Kanye West

Image via Wikipedia

Have a great workout!

Peace out,

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