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A great bassline for kettlebells…

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today, one song inspired my workout.   Love Lockdown by Kanye West came on, and I just had to pick up the kettlebells!

At less than a week till Christmas, I’m working on abs, abs, and more abs!  Napster officially became Rhapsody (just to confuse me I am sure)… so I had to find my old playlists… but check out this track, turn up the volume, turn up the bass, and get swinging.  If you need a few suggestions, let me know!


Do you know how I get up for my game?

Posted: December 1, 2011 in BCAA's

Do you know? Do you know? Do you know?  That’s right.  Air Jordan, Air Jordan, Air Jordan!

It’s dark and cold outside, and what I really feel like doing is probably not what I should be doing.  Kettlebells everyday… that’s what I committed to.  But how do I get motivated when there are barely 8 hours of daylight and the temps are dipping into the 20’s at night?  When the last thing I feel like doing is swinging kettlebells, I’ve got to find a way to get motivated.

Here’s what I do:  Drink a tall glass of BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids).  This creates a sense of urgency for me, because I know I have a little window of opportunity to fully maximize their effect.  (More energy during my workout, and better recovery after).  Then I throw on shorts and a t-shirt and head outside with all my kettlebells.  Yeah it’s cold, but this is honestly how I get up for my game.  The cold air forces me to take less time between sets, which gets my heart rate up and I break a sweat sooner.

This morning I got motivated by running the Capitol Hill stairs with a few of the Kettlebell Climbers.  (Training has officially started for the Big Climb in March.  If you live in Seattle and swing kettlebells and you want to join our team… send me a message!)  Stair climbing is always a good warm-up for a kettlebell workout.  (Any exercise is really…  once you’re sweating, you might as well keep on sweating, right?)

Tonight I think I’ll start with SOTS Presses, then I’ll do the rounds of swings and releases, and then I’ll see what else comes my way.

Good luck!  … and just think, in only 3 weeks the days will start getting longer again!


*I wanted to add a little footnote to this post after a few rounds in the yard after the rain.  Wet kettlebells are slippery.  Be careful.  that’s my disclaimer.   Also… i started my workout with some classic Aerosmith, Sweet Emotion.  Nice!  It was hard to call it quits, but I followed up my workout with a few headstands (my new passion) and a raw kale salad with beets.  Life is good!  More tomorrow…