Abdominal workout at the gym

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

The lower abs tend to be a weak spot for many people… especially now, post-holiday.  I’ve got about another week of solid ab work, and then I figure I can get back to my usual routine (The Big Climb is exactly 2 months from today… so I need to get back to stair running) …but here’s what I’m up to in the gym:

Grab a couple of kettlebells off the rack, seek out the Captain’s Chair and an exercise mat, and get ready for a great abdominal workout.

The Captain’s Chair (which I have always mistakenly called the Roman Chair) is actually that bottomless chair with the padded arms rests.  The Roman Chair is great too… but that’s an entirely different piece of equipment in which you lay face down and bring your upper body back up into an arch.

Starting with kettlebells, I did a few Around The Worlds to get warmed up, and then some Standing Kettlebell Twists for my obliques.  When I’m feeling good and limber, I move over to the Captains Chair for a series of exercises.

The Captain's Chair






Standing on the Captain’s Chair, lift your upper body up a bit and press onto the back of the chair, legs hanging straight down.  Your weight should be on your forearms.  This is your starting position.

Then I do three versions of ab exercises:

1. Basic: lift knees up and back down

2. Twists:  lift and bring knees up and over to one side, then back down, and then up again over to the other side.

3. Leg Raise: lift knees straight up, and then straighten your legs out in front at a ninety degree angle.  Bring back in, and go back out again for as many reps as you can.

Unlike kettlebell swings, just make sure you’re not using momentum to raise your legs.  That’s cheating!

After the chair, I get out the exercise mat and a good-sized kettlebell and head over to do some kettlebell crunches and sit ups.  There are several versions… my suggestion is to add some variety and knock out as many as you can, alternating with and without the weight with no breaks.  (consider the sets without the weight to be your “break”).

I’m going back again tomorrow for another abdominal showdown… I’ll post more details of that workout tomorrow.


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