Countdown to the Big Climb…

Posted: March 12, 2012 in balance, cast iron strength, Kettlebell, kettlebell situps, Kettlebell Swings, kettlebellhell

The Big Climb is 2 weeks away (from yesterday).  This is the week to pull out all the stops.  Bust out the heaviest kettlebell you own and knock it out!  One of the best ways to train for climbing stairs… is climbing stairs.  Surprised, right?!  But the SECOND-best way to train for this race is to swing some kettlebells!  For me, I take the stairs 2 at a time, so balance is key.  I’ve torn both ACL’s, so I’ve got to keep strengthening all the other surrounding ligaments and muscles around my knees.  My goal is to keep them strong and engaged as much as possible so I have the balance I need going up the stairs in a few weeks.

Probably one of the greatest side benefits of kettlebell training is that your balance will improve tremendously.  This is why I’ll keep mixing in kettlebell workouts everyday till the day before the climb.   Here we go…

Tonight’s workout:

I started with a good heavy weight for my warm up, and grabbed “Big Red” (16KG) for the Around the World’s standing on one leg.  Reverse direction.  Hard… but great for balance training.

Next, I went to TGU’s (Turkish Get-ups) I alternate these with getting up to standing, as well as up to side-plank, and up to kneeling.  These are all great for balance too.

Add in some double-handed swings, suitcase swings, clean and press, and figure 8’s.

I finished off with my favorite duo of a series of kettlebell situps rolling back into yoga plow stretches.

I went to the wall of CD’s tonight and pulled out a slightly vintage C&C Music Factory album (remember them? Gonna make you sweat!)  The first four songs on the Ultimate CD last awhile (the second track is close to 10 minutes!) so this was a good one for tonight’s workout.

Back again tomorrow…



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