How about some “weather induced endurance”?

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here’s a good story… yesterday morning I ran 1800 steps after a pretty intense kettlebell workout the night before with Big Red.  My quads were screaming at me to stop at around 1200 steps, but that’s when an interesting thing happened.  It started raining… or snowing?  Well, here’s what actually happened… it was raining at the bottom of the stairs, and snowing at the top!  Talk about an elevation gain!  (This is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, and those of you familiar with those stairs will appreciate this story) But, I almost couldn’t believe it!  I had to go back down again and run another set, just to see the weather change.  And it did!  Light fluffy flakes at the top… soggy rain at the bottom.  And with screaming quads, I did yet another set… just to see it happen again.  Fascinating!  I suppose I’m easily entertained… but by this time I was completely soaked so I called it a day, but how cool is that?  The weather gave me a boost of endurance to run 600 more steps!

Anyway, after that workout I decided I was done for the day.  Today I’m crafting a kettlebell workout that will prep  me for another intense stair workout tomorrow morning, so I’ll go easy on my quads this time and give old Big Red a rest.

Now I’m off to prepare a warm shiitake & leek salad paired with miso salmon for a good boost of Omega 3’s!



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