One week before race day

Posted: March 19, 2012 in cast iron strength, exercise, Kettlebell, Uncategorized

Backpack (Photo credit: slgckgc)

One week before race day and I am 3 pounds over my ‘fightin’ weight’.  This may not seem like much, but when you’re running up 69 flights of stairs, every extra pound you bring with you makes a difference.

As punishment, I packed a backpack with 10 extra pounds (to add to my extra 3) and put that on my back as I ran 1500 steps in a training run yesterday.  Now I’m taking 13 extra pounds up each set of stairs!  I was definitely breathing heavy.  When I was finished, I took the backpack off and ran up 150 stairs and timed myself at 45 seconds.  I felt light as a feather!

The race is 1311 steps… so if could possibly maintain a pace of 45 seconds/150 steps… that would put me at a time of 6:55.  Totally unrealistic!  My time last year was 13:30, and I am hoping to beat that… but cutting my time in half is nearly impossible!

Anyway, if you’re fighting those last few pounds before race day (blame it on the green beer for St. Patty’s Day), just add some weight to your training runs and see how light you feel when you shed the backpack!

Keep swinging… Tuesday is TGU day.  Get ready!



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