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If you need to add a few kettlebells to your collection, this is the week to do it, because my favorite brand of kettlebells is offering free shipping through May 31st!  (kettlebells are heavy… and you’re gonna want free shipping!)

Go to and have a look.  I am thinking I need the “MedBells”, which is a cross between a kettlebell and a medicine ball.  It’s rubber, so when you’re doing the swing, release & flip, catch & squat, these are good because you can drop them without too much damage!

By the way… Just a disclaimer about this… I love endorsing products that I like, but I do not get paid by anyone! I know I tend to ramble on about the best coffee, the best protein powder… even the best ski equipment… and of course the best kettlebells… but no one pays me to endorse any of these products.  I have always been passionate about great quality.  When I find something I like, I love telling others about it.

Anyway, happy swinging…  More later…


It’s mid-70’s and sunny this weekend in Seattle… so just a reminder that when the weather gets nice, bring the kettlebells outside, and practice the swings and releases.  The worst that can happen is you get a few divots in the lawn… just watch your toes!

Here’s a good workout for today…

Warm Up:
Around the worlds, feet together, 20 reps, switch directions, 20 reps
Around the worlds, single leg, 20 reps, switch leg, 20 reps, switch direction and repeat.
Two handed swings: 12 reps
Single handed swings: 12 reps per side
Suitcase swings: 12 reps per side


Hand to hand swings: (letting go when you switch hands) 12 reps
Double-handed swing and release: (release and catch at peak) 12 reps
Swing-Flip-Catch: (this is a new one I just picked up… I’ll try to post a video of it later)

Water break… repeat… then get the grill rolling!

Enjoy the weekend,
Peace out,

two week training program

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This past Sunday was the two-week mark for my next race… Beat the Bridge 8K. (5 miles)  The first two miles you have to hustle over two drawbridges before they raise the second one.

If I can keep a decent pace of 9 min per mile I should be fine, otherwise the bridge goes up, bands play, and you have to wait for them to lower the drawbridge back down.  Meanwhile the clock is ticking and there go your hopes for a decent time.  I’ve done this race before and successfully beat the bridge, but this year I have been so focused on stair climbing that all distance running virtually ceased for months!  So, this will be an interesting test… can I train for an 8K race in 2 weeks?

Let’s see what happens.  Here’s how I’m thinking my training will shake out over the next two weeks:

Monday: 7 mile run
Tuesday: Moderate kettlebell workout (30 minutes/yellow and green bell)
Wednesday: Easy run (3 miles), 75 minute kettlebell class, and a 60 minute Taiko drumming class.
Thursday: 5 mile run + strength (kettlebells)
Friday: Moderate kettlebell workout (30 minutes/yellow and green bell)
Saturday: Tempo run (2 miles in 18 minutes)
Sunday: Easy kettlebell workout (yellow bell)
Monday: 7 mile run, 1-hour kettlebell class
Tuesday: Light kettlebell workout (30 min/yellow and green)
Wednesday: Tempo run (2 miles in 18 minutes or less), and a 60 minute Taiko drumming class.
Thursday: 3 mile run + strength (easy kettlebell)
Friday: Easy run and stretch
Saturday: Rest and stretch
Sunday: Race Day!

Aside from all this, I am cutting out cocktails and extra grains, increasing my protein intake and raw foods.

I’ll keep you updated… we’ll see if my plan works!


Happy May Day!  It’s great to be back!  Wow, time flies… it’s been over a month since the Big Climb and I just realized I didn’t post my race results!   I took some time off to recharge my batteries and spent a few weeks on the east coast soaking up some sun on the beaches of Cape Cod and North Carolina. (well, not too much sun on Cape Cod yet… but still lovely!)Anyway, the big news is I beat my time from last year with a 12:57 finish!

My final results shake out like this:

Top 7% overall women
Top 8% women in my age group
Top 20% overall men and women

But even landing a spot in the top 8% still didn’t put me in a top 10 category (or even top 20) for my age group. (I came in 26 place out of 312).  Turns out that there are lots of fit women ages 40-49!  So next year, I have new goal… how about top 5% in my age group?

In the meantime… there are other stair climbs!  In fact, when I was visiting Cape Cod, we went to one of my favorite places, Provincetown, and it turns out they have a stairclimb up the Provincetown Tower… Run to the Top, May 5th, 2012, up the Pilgrim Towner.  It’s a benefit for the Cape Cod Firefighters and EMS Cancer Relief Fund.  Wish I could be there… maybe next year.  Hmm… but perhaps Chicago?  NY?  It is hard to think that I have to wait a whole year to run stairs again.  Road trip…!!

Pilgrim's tower - Provincetown - Cape Cod - Ma...

Pilgrim’s tower – Provincetown – Cape Cod – Massachusetts – USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m 20 days away from my next race, Beat the Bridge, and I’ve started a new kettlebell class with Dr. Dan.  It’s every Wednesday, my first class was last week and I was sore for days afterward… it’s Awesome!!!  I will write more about that class and the exercises we do in forthcoming posts… but for now… it’s time to put sliders on the grill…