two week training program

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

This past Sunday was the two-week mark for my next race… Beat the Bridge 8K. (5 miles)  The first two miles you have to hustle over two drawbridges before they raise the second one.

If I can keep a decent pace of 9 min per mile I should be fine, otherwise the bridge goes up, bands play, and you have to wait for them to lower the drawbridge back down.  Meanwhile the clock is ticking and there go your hopes for a decent time.  I’ve done this race before and successfully beat the bridge, but this year I have been so focused on stair climbing that all distance running virtually ceased for months!  So, this will be an interesting test… can I train for an 8K race in 2 weeks?

Let’s see what happens.  Here’s how I’m thinking my training will shake out over the next two weeks:

Monday: 7 mile run
Tuesday: Moderate kettlebell workout (30 minutes/yellow and green bell)
Wednesday: Easy run (3 miles), 75 minute kettlebell class, and a 60 minute Taiko drumming class.
Thursday: 5 mile run + strength (kettlebells)
Friday: Moderate kettlebell workout (30 minutes/yellow and green bell)
Saturday: Tempo run (2 miles in 18 minutes)
Sunday: Easy kettlebell workout (yellow bell)
Monday: 7 mile run, 1-hour kettlebell class
Tuesday: Light kettlebell workout (30 min/yellow and green)
Wednesday: Tempo run (2 miles in 18 minutes or less), and a 60 minute Taiko drumming class.
Thursday: 3 mile run + strength (easy kettlebell)
Friday: Easy run and stretch
Saturday: Rest and stretch
Sunday: Race Day!

Aside from all this, I am cutting out cocktails and extra grains, increasing my protein intake and raw foods.

I’ll keep you updated… we’ll see if my plan works!


  1. Jack Cyp says:

    Ya… Do it! I wish you luck!!

  2. James west says:

    To run a successful 8k you need way more than two weeks. I see you have all of the kettle bells etc…in your training but the best thing to do to get better running is to run. Instead of the kettle bells do an hour easy run. We americans are too caught up on this cross training etc…You want to run good then practice running good. You want to box then box

    • Hi James, thanks for your thoughts… true statement about running: if you want to improve running then run. But kettlebells are my rock. They provide year-round fitness for me. They give me the strength and confidence to say, “Yes, I’m ready!” Admittedly, 2 weeks was a little tight, but the dynamic movements of the kettlebell workout provide both aerobic fitness and strength. There’s a lot to be said for the mental power you get from knowing you “have it in you” when you cross train. I use one thing to power the next… and it works!
      Keep swinging!

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