It’s mid-70’s and sunny this weekend in Seattle… so just a reminder that when the weather gets nice, bring the kettlebells outside, and practice the swings and releases.  The worst that can happen is you get a few divots in the lawn… just watch your toes!

Here’s a good workout for today…

Warm Up:
Around the worlds, feet together, 20 reps, switch directions, 20 reps
Around the worlds, single leg, 20 reps, switch leg, 20 reps, switch direction and repeat.
Two handed swings: 12 reps
Single handed swings: 12 reps per side
Suitcase swings: 12 reps per side


Hand to hand swings: (letting go when you switch hands) 12 reps
Double-handed swing and release: (release and catch at peak) 12 reps
Swing-Flip-Catch: (this is a new one I just picked up… I’ll try to post a video of it later)

Water break… repeat… then get the grill rolling!

Enjoy the weekend,
Peace out,


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