Beat the Bridge, RESULTS!

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s taken me nearly 3 weeks to follow-up on the Beat the Bridge race!  (I’ve been busy cross-fitting… more on that later!)  Anyhow, this is an 8K race here in Seattle and the course goes over two drawbridges.  The first one is at the start of the race, but the next one is about 2 miles in… and that’s the one they raise if you’re not fast enough!

In a previous post I mentioned that my goal was to do a 9-mile pace at least for those first 2 miles, just to ensure that I wouldn’t get stuck on the wrong side of the bridge!  Here’s what happened: The adrenaline kicked in, and for the entire race I ran a sub 9-minute mile!  All the way to the second bridge I was booking it at about an 8:40 pace, but then I slowed down a bit after beating the drawbridge and finished with an  overall average of 8:52.   Total time: 44 minutes.

The frustrating part??  My husband beat me by 22 seconds!   I had him right up until the last little stretch when he pulled ahead of me.  We had no more than a quarter of mile to go… I saw him pass me out of the corner of my eye, so I kicked it into high gear and pulled ahead of him… but then he dug deep and took some long, fast strides and pulled ahead of me.  He busted it out all the way to the finish line… ahh… 22 seconds!  Oh well… there is always next year!

Overall, I am very happy with my time… a new PR for an 8K… and I bet you’re wondering if kettlebells helped?  Absolutely!  The dynamic movements and aerobic conditioning I get with a kettlebell workout prepared me very well for the first two miles where I needed to rely heavily on speed.

Perhaps the best part was my recovery.  As I explained above, I really pushed myself in this race…(I typically run a 9-9:30 pace)… and even so, my recovery was very quick.

Here is a good article about the incredible cardiovascular conditioning you can get with kettlebells:—A-Half-Marathon-Experiment&id=1782450

More later, I’m off to CrossFit!


  1. Jack Cyp says:

    As always… I love to read ure blog. But maybe next time you can get someone to take some pic ya. Hey, start now… as soon as you read this coment… maybe you’re ay home, in the gym itdoesnt matter.

    • Thanks Jack, and yes, I’ve been talking about posting some pictures of my new favorite exercise: The “Release-Flip-Catch and Squat”! It’s technical but addicting… it challenges your strength, builds hand-eye coordination, and taps your mind-body connection. I’m going to the park tomorrow, rain or shine… so we’ll see if we can get some pics… I promise!!

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