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The Seattle Tough Mudder is four weeks away.  I’m fully committed, and training is getting serious at this point.

If you’ve never heard of the race before, check this out and watch the video:

It’s actually less of a “race” and more of an intense muddy obstacle course that goes on for 10-12 miles with 24 obstacles thrown in designed by British Special Forces.  This is going to be, without a doubt, the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

A few of us Tough-Mudders-in-Training met in Volunteer Park on Wednesday for a great kettlebell workout… here’s what we did:

3 sets of descending reps 30-20-10

First set of 30 reps:

  • Double-Handed Swings
  • Hand-to Hand Swings
  • Around the World
  • Around the World to a Hold
  • Figure 8’s
  • Figure 8’s to a Hold
  • Clean and Press (half on each side)

30-second rest, Repeat for a second set of 20 reps

30-second rest, Repeat for a third set of 10 reps

30-second rest, Turkish Get-Ups:
10 TGU’s each side (20 total)  all the way to standing

AMRAP: (as many reps as possible):
Kettlebell tricep extensions
Kettlebell sit-ups

Then finish with:

sprint races, down and back across the field

and finally, running squat shot put throws (for lack of a better name)

Whew!  Am I forgetting anything?

More tomorrow…





Got five favorite songs?  Put them on, then knock out the following sit-up blocks:

25 kettlebell situps with at least 8KG bell (knees bent)

25 crossfit situps (legs straight)

25 crunches (knees bent, hands behind head)

Repeat this set 5 or 6 times.

(by the way, a CrossFit situp is going all the way down, arms extended to the floor behind head, then all the way back up, touching toes.)

I’m on my way to proving you can spot-train your abs for six-pack abs in 30 days with visible results!  stay tuned…



Spot Training for Six-Pack ABS!

Posted: August 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m rebloging an old post on the issue of spot reducing… setting myself up for a new challenge.  Here’s the thing… I want six-pack abs!  And I want them in about 30 days!  Is that possible?

Today is Monday, August 27th.  I have less than 5 weeks until the Tough Mudder challenge on Saturday, September 29th.

Here are my abs today, I took a picture right after my training run when i was good and sweaty:

Kate’s abs on August 27th, 2012

Can I get six-pack abs in 30 days?  That is the challenge, and we’ll soon see.  I really don’t want to show up to the Tough Mudder with flabby abs.  Between diet and exercise, I am going to try, and I want to bust this ever-present myth that you can’t spot train your abs.

Here we go… 100 kettlebell sit-ups, coming right up…


It was a beautiful morning down on Lake Washington’s Madison Park beach on Wednesday.  I brought my kids down there to watch some very fit swimmers cross Lake Washington from Medina.  It was the 2.5-mile Swim for Life benefiting Puget Sound Blood Center.  I was not one of the swimmers… not this year anyway… but two of my Tough Mudder teammates did it and so I went down to cheer them on and see what I have in store for next year.

It looks like a fun time… count me in!

In honor of the swim, I donated a pint of blood today.   So I think I’ll take it easy and hydrate on the couch tonight! 😉



I’ve been practicing the pistol squat over the last few weeks, and unfortunately I think I might have strained my left quadricep in the process.  It was either doing the pistol, or maxing out on my squats at the gym… but I think it was definitely a squat.   (The pistol squat is the one where you squat down on one leg, with the other extended out in front, holding a good-sized kettlebell all the way down, and back up again.)

Anyway, I’ve been limping around for the last few days expecting to feel better… and though most quadricep strains will heal on their own, I tend to be a bit impatient with these things.

So when I was outside doing some basic kettlebell swings and feeling the strain on my quad… I got out my old yoga block!  I stood on one foot, leaned forward and got myself into the “Dancer” pose.  (I love this anatomical drawing!)

The technique is to push your foot back into the palm of your hand, keeping a steady pressure into your hand (but giving back resistance at the same time).  Plus, with adequate height on the lifted leg, you will engage your quad into a really great stretch.

I probably just had a grade 1 strain, meaning that only about 10% of the muscle fibers were torn.  (Grade 2 and 3 are more serious injuries… and will take much longer to heal depending on the percentage of torn muscle fibers.)

The next morning??  No Pain!!!  I walked down the stairs without hobbling, and that was a marvelous feeling!

Moral of the story? Don’t underestimate the power of yoga!

Now back to the pistol squat…

Peace Out,

When PerformBetter had a free shipping deal, I took advantage of that and was very excited to come home to a special delivery!  What may appear to be just a cardboard box on the front porch was my much-awaited MedBell, which would allow me to add in a whole new series of fun exercises.

The MedBell is a cross between a medicine ball and a kettlebell.  Here’s what I got:

I opted for the 25-pound version, because for me this is still a challenging weight.  It’s great for swings, releases and flips… but not too heavy for presses and about perfect for a series of squats.

It’s rubberized, so it’s easier to catch when you throw it in the air.  Don’t get me wrong, it will still hurt if it hits your face, but I’ve found that grabbing on to a rubber ball is a little less slippery than the regular kettlebells.  Especially if you’re swinging them outside on the lawn… my grass is usually a bit damp here in Seattle (surprised right?) and when the regular kettlebells get wet, they are very slippery.

Stay tuned for some video with the new medbell, as well as some new routines.