Tough Mudder Training has Begun!

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tough Mudder logo

The Seattle Tough Mudder is four weeks away.  I’m fully committed, and training is getting serious at this point.

If you’ve never heard of the race before, check this out and watch the video:

It’s actually less of a “race” and more of an intense muddy obstacle course that goes on for 10-12 miles with 24 obstacles thrown in designed by British Special Forces.  This is going to be, without a doubt, the toughest thing I’ve ever done.

A few of us Tough-Mudders-in-Training met in Volunteer Park on Wednesday for a great kettlebell workout… here’s what we did:

3 sets of descending reps 30-20-10

First set of 30 reps:

  • Double-Handed Swings
  • Hand-to Hand Swings
  • Around the World
  • Around the World to a Hold
  • Figure 8’s
  • Figure 8’s to a Hold
  • Clean and Press (half on each side)

30-second rest, Repeat for a second set of 20 reps

30-second rest, Repeat for a third set of 10 reps

30-second rest, Turkish Get-Ups:
10 TGU’s each side (20 total)  all the way to standing

AMRAP: (as many reps as possible):
Kettlebell tricep extensions
Kettlebell sit-ups

Then finish with:

sprint races, down and back across the field

and finally, running squat shot put throws (for lack of a better name)

Whew!  Am I forgetting anything?

More tomorrow…





  1. How about an ice bath after a training? It might help with recovery AND preparation.

    Go Team Cast Iron Strength! We look forward to cheering you on.

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