Four-Week Training Program for the Tough Mudder

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Happy Labor Day!!

I’ve been working today… designing a training program that will help prepare me and my teammates for the Tough Mudder at the end of the month so we don’t end up like this dude. (I think he got the 10,000 volt shock… poor guy).

This schedule started yesterday… but the good news is, we still have time to make up our missed workouts!

Click on this “RED” link below for my four-week training schedule:


In addition to this program, I’m cutting out all alcohol and I’m going on the Paleo Diet for the next four weeks.  (with one exception… a weekend in San Francisco to celebrate my anniversary.  A girl’s gotta have some fun!)

Let’s see what happens… I’m not sure I’m organized enough to keep a daily food log, but I will try to give you all an idea of what I’m eating and how much I’m exercising… and then I’ll be taking pictures once a week to track my physical progress.

Here we go… OooRah!


  1. Ivan says:

    Kate you go get it! Wish I could be with you guys but the shoulder / bicep surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. If you want a good and easy way to track food download the Cal Counter on the iPhone / iPad. Good luck to you and the team – Have fun!

  2. Tim Moon says:

    Hi, found you via The Impossible League. The training schedule looks tough. Can’t wait to see how the race turns out!

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