Red Bull, Black Dog, Cast Iron.

Posted: January 21, 2014 in kettlebellhell

IMG_7613 (2)

Every day I hear the “busy excuse” and shake my head.  It doesn’t take much to fit a kettlebell workout into your day.

Follow the Rule of 3:

1. Drink a Red Bull.
2. Put on Zeppelin.
3. Grab the Cast Iron.

Now get to work.

This will give you a good workout, and it lasts for just 3 Zeppelin songs.  Now… no one can possibly say “I’m too busy to workout”!

Start with a 5 minute warm-up to Black Dog.
1 minute each:
Around the World (30 seconds each direction)
Ab Twists (60 seconds, no stopping)
Suitcase Swings (30 seconds each arm)
Clean and Press (30 seconds each arm)
Goblet Squats (60 seconds, no stopping)

Now, get on the floor and spend 5 minutes and 33 seconds knocking out TGU’s to Whole Lotta Love.
(Turkish Get-Up to standing position, and back down again. keep going, no breaks.)

Finish with a cool-down to All My Love. Find your rhythm when you do these:
Figure 8’s with side lunge (1 minute each direction)
Hand-2-Hand Swings (1 minute)
Kettlebell sit-ups (let the song play out)

How do you feel?  You’re happy you worked out today, aren’t you!!  Do it again tomorrow.


p.s.  Do you know why the song is titled Black Dog?  Because during the recording session of this previously unnamed track, a black Labrador Retriever walked into the studio.  He was said to be 19 years old.


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