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October 25th… a perfect day to start my next 30-day challenge!

Kettlebells every day, starting today, for the next month… all the way through till Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie and birthday cake!

So here goes… I’m going to ease into this with a few easy sets of two-handed swings and figure 8’s.

(for those of you that may not know, I’ve been out of commission for a while with a misplaced rib.  I wish I could say it happened doing something really rad and exciting… let’s say in Park City or Jackson Hole… but unfortunately it was just a deep-tissue massage that knocked a rib out of place and made it difficult to breathe.)

Not to worry… like I always say: an injury thrives on inertia.  And it’s time to get moving.

So here I go to find my long-lost friends, swing some kettlebells and get in fantastic shape by November 25th!  Do it with me.